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French Door Series

French Doors

French doors are available in the Seneca Lag and the Imperial series. Arched tops and Cathedral tops can be ordered in almost every style.


The use of prominent mullions and separate lites enhances both the strength and attractiveness of these doors. Mullions are available in either 1″ or 9/16″.

Glass Options

Seneca Lag series will have 1/8″ clear tempered glass and the Imperial series will come with 1/4″ clear tempered glass. Upgrades to additional glass options can be ordered.


The variety of styles will brighten any room and contribute to a friendly, open feeling. V-Groove glass is available in addition to the authentic French doors that feature mullions.

Line Art

Overview: View the lineart for our 1 3/8″ & 1 3/4″ straight top, arched top and cathedral doors. You can download PDF specs, with detailed drawings of the straight top and arch top doors. Arch Top: Arch top doors have a 2 1/2″ drop from the highest point of the arch to the lowest. Cathedral Top: Cathedral top doors have a 3 1/2″ drop from the highest point of the arch to the lowest. With certain profiles, on doors less than 27″ wide, the drop will be 2 1/2″. Cathedral tops are made from templates. At this time we do not have spec sheets for them.


The French Door series offer a selection of up to 31 different wood species, guaranteeing that your style and taste will be reflected in your home. For the most pleasing and consistent grain and color our doors are constructed from top quality products.


Overview The decorative profile on the edge of the stiles and rails is called sticking and combined with your panel choice will create any style you desire. Profile options are available in both veneered and in MDF.


All French Doors come with individual panes of glass for that classic look. All glass is tempered and available in many glass options.